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If done properly, SEO generates significantly better ROI than other marketing techniques. Check our results that withstood the test of time and remained on top despite several algorithmic updates.

Value-Based Strategy

We develop the SEO strategy for your users. When users like your content, the search engines love your site.

Purchase Intent Keywords

We invest time to discover keywords which has higher commercial intent. Thus, you get leads and sales and not just traffic.

Simplified Reporting

Our reports clearly depict and validates our strategy and the execution. You can evaluate the progress within minutes.

On-page Optimization

On-Page optimization is at the heart of a sound SEO strategy. No website can sustain its ranking without working on the on-page factors. The essence of on-page SEO optimization is to provide better user experience and help people attain their goals on the website. On-page optimization helps not only in improving your site ranking but also in generating more business from existing users.

On-page SEO includes several activities such as HTML Optimization, fixing broken links, reducing the loading time of the web pages, title and meta tag optimization, LSI-compatible content (Latent Semantic Index), Title, Meta and Alt tags optimization, etc. We include appropriate keywords in the content that serve the dual purpose: it enhances the readability of the content, and optimize it for SEO.

We also publish high-quality blogs, infographics and creative designs on the website as part of on-page SEO efforts to attract more visitors and address your customers’ concerns. We constantly look for problems and challenges that clients face and guide them to appropriate solutions by creating relevant content.

Off-Page Optimization

Our affordable search engine optimization services are designed to deliver maximum results. We use white-hat techniques to promote your business to a precise target audience. Off-page SEO optimization includes social bookmarking, image, audio and video submissions, guest posting, PDF and Power Point presentation submissions, classified posting, social media activities, forum activities, etc.

Execution plays a crucial role in the success of Off-page SEO optimization efforts. We work hard to select the best websites in the relevant category. The idea is to promote the content to an audience which is relevant to your business. We also consider other factors such as domain authority, page rank, domain age, etc. to choose sites for content submissions. Therefore, A majority of backlinks you get will be from high authority sites.

We create unique and engaging content and promote it on the quality sites to amplify the SEO results. It also helps in sustaining the rank of your website on search engines in the times of algorithmic updates. The SEO landscape is continuously evolving and therefore, we adapt our strategies to keep your business ahead of the game.

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